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About us

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The company Chania Getaways was founded in 2024 and operates in the tourism sector, offering beautiful tours as well as boat rentals with or without a guide in nearby areas within the wider region of the Chania Prefecture. Coming from a family of fishermen and possessing over 20 years of experience, we are familiar with everything one needs to know to navigate safely at sea, always adhering to safety regulations, prioritizing the safety of our passengers above all else.

Coming from a family of fishermen, he followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. So today, with plenty of experience at the age of 31 and developing his passion for the sea with enthusiasm and love, he is an ideal guide who will lead you to many beaches and coves. He will tell you stories about the places he grew up in at sea, being on a boat since he was young, and will teach you as much as he can about the places you will visit with him!

A co-owner and entrepreneur with a diverse background, he is a person with a love and passion for the sea, as well as for his homeland. He will guide you to beautiful coves and harbors and will tell you stories, revealing the secrets of each spot you visit.